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"Fill me with anxiety" vase

Sale price€400,00

Explore the "Fill me with anxiety" vase, a piece within the "To whom it might concern" collection. This 18.5 cm diameter, 30 cm high vase, hand-painted by artist Pepo Moreno, features a thought-provoking message alongside a naked green body. A genuinely distinctive decorative item, this vase embodies the fusion of Pepo Moreno's bold artistry with Ajuar's artisanal craftsmanship. It serves as a conversation starter, addressing pertinent global themes in a unique and artistic manner.

- This goodie is handmade in Spain and is unique.

- Produced by a local artisan using traditional techniques from the Mediterranean region.

- Painted by hand by Pepo Moreno.

- Due to its artisanal production, it might present irregularities.

- Material: Ceramics

- Dimensions: Diameter 18.5 cm x Height 30 cm.